Youth Voice a key focus of June Meeting

Youth Voice a key focus of June Meeting

A massive meeting for the Burnie City Youth Council Yesterday!!


First, they met with Gavin Choong, the 2024 Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations. In his role, he represents the views of young Australians both domestically and abroad. To do so, he goes on a Listening Tour, a nationwide consultation of young people aged between 12 and 25.


They had a great discussion, and Gavin was asked several insightful questions, including how he became the Youth UN Rep and which countries do not care about the UN.


Councillors were tasked with putting their ideas on paper for Gavin’s report. They wrote about various topics such as safety, environmental issues, roadkill, human rights, equality, societal issues related to education, housing, smoking and vaping, homelessness, government spending priorities, bullying, kindness, safety, rubbish, wildlife, pollution, fossil fuels, the healthcare system, plastic pollution, education curriculum, sport, and matters that will affect them in the future like rates, rent, tax, and university cost.


Upon completion of the Listening Tour, Gavin will consolidate his findings into a report, which will then be shared with the government, leaders from business and civil society, and the United Nations General Assembly in New York.


Burnie City Council officers then popped in to present the draft of the Urban Plan. Some important questions were asked about the project, including the cost and considerations for larger vehicles in the CBD, electric vehicle parking, and other forms of public transport.


Next Steps: The Youth Council will go away and think about it, discuss it with their friends and family, and provide feedback on the plan at its next meeting.


In other exciting news, a Youth Council motion to request the construction of a basketball area with a reversible stand to accommodate netball as well in the foreshore area was taken to the Burnie City Council meeting this week. Deputy Mayor Giovanna Simpson presented this motion on behalf of the Youth Council, emphasising that it was the voice of the young people. The motion was unanimously passed.


The Youth Council deserves huge congratulations for exploring and presenting a motion to the ‘Big Council.’ This marks the first time the Youth Council has put forward a motion to the ‘Big Council,’ and they intend to do many more in the future!