Youth Mental Health – Journey Mapping

Youth Mental Health – Journey Mapping

Are you a community member interested in young people and the mental health system?

Join us for a workshop to map the journey of young people in our community who are seeking support or accessing the mental health system in Burnie.

Journey Mapping is a creative and visual way for people to be able to tell the story of their experiences of the mental health system over time.  It shows where people have sought help and what their experience have been like.  It helps us understand what works and doesn’t work for people and why. 

This map will help us with the work we are doing around youth mental health and will provide us:

  • A shared understanding of the challenges and intervention points
  • Common and different challenges across the communities (Burnie, Ulverstone and Devonport)
  • A shared tool to help guide systems thinking in decision making.

WHEN: Tuesday 28 Nov, 9:30am to 12pm noon
WHERE: UTAS, Cradle Coast Campus,
West Park.

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