UPDATE: North West First 1000 Days Project

UPDATE: North West First 1000 Days Project

The North West First 1000 Days project team has been visiting communities with the purpose of getting to know parents and carers.

Kylie Mulcahy from the North West First 1000 Days project and Family Engagement Worker Jo Williams led Look Who’s Talking sessions together. Look Who’s Talking is a program that explores how babies learn language. Sessions include conversations, videos, handouts, play activities, and new rhymes.

We’ve had a lot of fun each week with a very supportive group of mums. All participants said they’d recommend the program. We hope to run Look Who’s Talking again in Smithton soon. That way, many parents can have fun learning about child language development.

Pictured: Parents in Smithton wrapped up the 8-week parent program Look Who’s Talking, which is all about how babies and children learn language.


What did you enjoy most about the program?
The rhymes. Meeting other parents and listening to how others managed around the content topic.

What’s the biggest change you’ve noticed about yourself as a parent/carer?
I am more patient. I don’t give up on reading/talking strategies. I know they are helping in the long run.

Thanks to all the people and organisations in Smithton for helping us make Look Who’s Talking happen.

Special thanks to our adjunct care supporters, Debbie and Kate. Your care allowed the children of the participants to enjoy playing with a great mix of activities while their parents discussed the weekly topic.

Thanks also to Smithton Wellbeing Indoor Recreation and Leisure for providing the space. They have also helped with our occasional IT needs!

The next activity we running, as part of the North West First 1000 Days project, is storytelling workshops. If you are a parent or carer of a little person and would like to share an experience, that might help other parents, please get in touch.

You can sign up for updates using the form at www.first1000days.com.au