UPDATE – Community Knowledge Collector Project

UPDATE – Community Knowledge Collector Project

Embedding strategic and shared learning is one of the five conditions that enable collective impact. During 2021 and 2022 we learned, listened, and tested how we can best support information collection and shared learning across the community focus areas.

Enter – the Community Knowledge Collection project!

In September 2022 we announced that an amazing diverse group of people had signed up and that we were ready to begin the University of Tasmania training!

We are now 5 months into the training.

Module One was completed through a variety of learning methods ranging from online, face to face, small group and one on one study sessions and focused on the Idea of ‘’community”. Knowledge Collectors looked at valued relations both of and in community, borders, ways of organising a community and understanding what makes a strong community.

Module 2 will focus on:

  • Developing the tools and confidence to investigate, recognise and identify the types of community information.
  • Understanding human-centered approaches.
  • Exploring strategies to consider information to support decision-making.

To kick of the Teaching Period for 2023 we began looking at data:

  • What data brings out the reality of what is happening?
  • Where do we find this data?
  • What does data tell us about community?
  • What can we do as Knowledge Collectors to supplement the data?

During the next month we are planning to:

  • Explore being trauma aware in our work with 2 practitioners in the space and then co-designing what this looks like for us.
  • Co-design the Knowledge Collector position and volunteer role descriptions.
  • Head to ChangeFest (we are offering 2 sponsored positions for Knowledge Collectors to attend).
  • Continue Teaching Period 2 online learning.
  • Attend our final ‘come draw with me’ visual scribing workshop.
  • Scope new Knowledge Collection opportunities for internal activities and external partners.