Survival Cards


Survival Cards

A collection
of hope
Reflections on life
within Burnie

This deck of cards is an invitation to find joy, right where you are. 

Through events and gatherings, we listened to stories of how the people of Burnie encountered hope during COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020. These cards reflect their stories. 

These cards are an invitation to build on the Burnie community’s stories of resilience. As part of a social recovery movement, they encourage us to find life within and around us. The cards can be used personally, with family and friends, in groups and professionally.

All cards were illustrated by Liz from Ebb Draws. Liz explores her connection with the North-West Coast of Tasmania through the clear skies and vast stretches of ocean, watching how they shape the land and the people around her.

These cards were created on the land of the palawa people. We acknowledge the way the palawa community has reflected life through art on this land for thousands of years and continues to do so.


How to use the cards
There are many ways to use the cards – on your own or with others, at home or at work. You can use them however you like – but toget you started, here is an idea for reflection and action:


  • Shuffle the cards and pick one out at random, or
  • Deal a card to each person you are with, or
  • Lay all the cards face up on the floor and choose one that resonates

Take a moment to really look at your card.Let the illustration spark a sea of memoriesor ideas.

Reflect on a memory the card sparks for you. Remember where you were, who you were with and how you felt. Breathe in the memory and notice what it stirs in you.

Let the card inspire you to action. You may jump up and respond immediately or make plans to do the idea from the card. Notice what the action evokes in you and follow its lead.

You might like to journal on your own, share in pairs or reflect back to a group:

  • Why you chose the card you selected
  • What the memory or invitation for action means to you
  • A story from your life inspired by the card
  • Something you do that supports your wellbeing
  • The plans you will make in response to the card

Index of Invitation

  1. Connect
  2. Find a heart-stone
  3. Sit with a friend
  4. Spring clean
  5. Find freedom
  6. Celebrate
  7. Share your stories
  8. Tell someone you love them
  9. Learn something new
  10. Dance like nobody’s watching
  11. Holiday in your backyard
  12. Cook Nanna’s favourite recipe
  13. Let your inner child play
  14. Watch something grow
  15. Enjoy
  16. Find a new book
  17. Go on an adventure
  18. Find a reason to dress up
  19. Have a cuppa
  20. Open a window and breathe the air
  21. Make some noise
  22. Take a forest bath
  23. Hope for the future
  24. Take a walk
  25. Share the love
  26. Enter bear-mode
  27. Get amongst it!
  28. Embrace the seasons
  29. Get some vitamin D…Tassie style
  30. Go on a treasure hunt

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