Student Friendly Workplaces in Burnie

To support students as they balance school, work, and personal commitments, we are asking Burnie businesses to pledge to the following actions:

✅We will not roster students on to work during school hours.
✅We will not offer students last minute shifts during school hours.
✅We will be considerate when rostering students on school nights.
✅We will not roster students on late shifts on the nights before exams, and we will encourage students to work less in the two weeks leading up to exams.
✅We will communicate and adhere to workplace legislation and our own policies around the rights of employees, especially when employing young people who are at school.

Thank you to these Burnie businesses who have signed the pledge so far.

Last updated 9:34am, 26 February 2024.

For more information about the campaign or to sign the pledge visit Student Friendly Workplaces