Community Knowledge Collector Project


Embedding strategic and shared learning is one of the five conditions that enable collective impact. 

During 2021 and 2022 we learned, listened, and tested how we can best support information collection and shared learning across the community focus areas.


What is a Community Knowledge Collector?

A Community Knowledge Collector is a person who takes an interest in their community, the opportunities, and challenges it faces.

They will then help collect information and stories from the community as part of understanding the impact of an issue on the community.

This knowledge is then brought together with other information to shape community action.

To help those who wish to be a Community Knowledge Collector, Burnie Works has teamed up with UTAS so that Community Knowledge Collectors receive the best training and support.

Why does Burnie Works want Community Knowledge Collectors?

We believe that community knowledge can be used to inform and effect positive collective impact.

At the moment, systems change relies on external experts and data. We want to bring community into that mix!

We hope to build a team of local Community Knowledge Collectors who are skilled and supported, to work with Burnie Works, to gather and communicate information.

It’s about community members being able to talk to people they know and on subjects they’re interested in, in a supported way. This enables Burnie Works to use what they come back with for sense and meaning making at a community level, for collective change.

Lastest news

Burnie Works and UTAS are delivering the Community Knowledge Collector Project as part of the Australian Government’s Stronger Places, Stronger People initiative.

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