PROJECT UPDATE – Community Knowledge Collector Project

PROJECT UPDATE – Community Knowledge Collector Project

We are five weeks into the Community Knowledge Collector learning pathway

In September this year we put out a call for interested community members to be Community Knowledge Collectors. A Community Knowledge Collector is a person who takes an interest in their community, the opportunities, and challenges it faces. They will help collect information and stories from the community as part of understanding the impact of an issue on the community. This knowledge will be brought together with other information to shape community action.

To help those who wished to be a Community Knowledge Collector, Burnie Works teamed up with UTAS so that Community Knowledge Collectors receive the best training and support.

15 Knowledge Collectors from a range of backgrounds with an interest in their community have commenced training.

We are now five weeks into the learning pathway, with module one looking at what a community is and the different ways of defining a community.

The one face to face and three virtual sessions have taken place, with participants now working their way through the online learning portal till February.

This is self-paced and we will be offering study group sessions to support participants in their learning journey.

UTAS have done a great job in ‘localising’ the content for participants to connect with and guide the learning by areas of interest to them.

Recent check-ins with participants show a diverse and enthusiastic cohort immersing themselves in this opportunity to bring stories of their community to the fore.

Visual Note Taking – Come Draw with Me session.

In addition to the UTAS training, our Knowledge Collectors participated in a Visual Note Taking training day.

Drawing ideas rather than writing them is a great way to engage people, especially those who relate to pictures.

Our Knowledge Collectors have been practicing how to draw stories and ideas, so they literally leap from the page.

Last week we had the first of three follow-up sessions where we all got together and share d what we had been ‘drawing’.

This was a great follow up for visual note takers to practice their newly learnt skills and draw upon other ideas for icons and concepts. It reminds us that we should continue to draw at any opportunity we get.

Chatty Café

Chatty Cafe provides an opportunity for community conversations on topics that matter.

Burnie Works attend Chatty Cafe at the Burnie Library as an opportunity to intertwine the Community Knowledge Collector Project with facilitating community conversations.

We ask a calling question at each session. This month we asked, “If every day counts, what makes a day count for the children you know.”