Progress Mapping and Learning Circle

Progress Mapping and Learning Circle

How do we know if we are on track to create positive community change?

Are we working in ways that are true to collective impact, including sharing what we are learning and including everyone who will benefit?

Progress Mapping is a way for Burnie Works and its partners to regroup, listen and share what is working, what we’d change and who else do we need to involve.

The process aims to involve as many people as possible and to get feedback that gets below the surface and helps identify what needs to happen next.

Many people have contributed to progress mapping over the past few months. This week a smaller group of local partners gathered to consider these questions:

  • How might we balance our foundational local work with sharing and supporting other communities in their change efforts?
  • How might we engage more deeply and widely to genuinely connect to understand communities’ strengths and needs and involve them in co-designing solutions?
  • How might we build our understanding of both the symptoms and cause of things that affect us so our responses and efforts target what is going to deliver highest impact change?
  • How might we achieve shifts in government policy, investment, and effort to align with local strengths, needs, and our shared agenda?

Learnings from these conversations will form the basis for a gathering of our external partners, including both Commonwealth and State governments.

There will be more to share in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for future newsletters.