Presenting – The 2023 Burnie City Youth Council’s short video

Presenting – The 2023 Burnie City Youth Council’s short video

This video represents what the Youth Council have been talking about this year in terms of their hopes and dreams for Burnie and its playgrounds and public spaces. Enjoy!

How did we get here?

At its April meeting, the Youth Council passed a Motion: ‘That the Burnie Youth Council better our playgrounds/public spaces’.

To progress this motion, we supported the youth council to explore and dig deeper into what it is they wanted the motion to achieve.

We ran a Place Making workshop where Youth Councillors explored how community use public spaces and why they are important.

They had some great focus group discussions, and the Councillors developed a placemaking project for Burnie.

From here, they decided that a video was the best way to communicate their work to the community.

They developed a script, brainstormed locations, props and scenes and discussed how they would produce it.

Thank you to Tasmania Police Burnie and Liv Eat Healthy Eating Burnie for being part of our video.

And well done to the 2023 Burnie City Youth Council!