The design I have created takes inspiration from the petroglyphs or rock engravings left throughout Tasmania by my Old People. These rock engravings were left thousands of years ago in what I believe were places of significance; meeting and gathering places. These places represented the coming together, trading and exchanging of goods, knowledge and resource and it is for this reason I chose these elements when creating this work.

The petroglyphs are the perfect bookends to a bookshelf full of stories, knowledge and history found from Devonport right throughout the north-west coast and down to Sundown Point on the Arthur River. This design reflects what Burnie Works represents and the direction Burnie Works is headed through a cultural and community lens.

Caleb Mansell- Nichols is an artist, the Founder and Creative Director of Blackspace Creative Hub based in pataway/ Burnie. Caleb is a member of the Burnie Works LEG.