Youth Pathways

The Youth Pathways Pilot Program ended on 24 December 2023.

Please read the Evaluation of the pilot program here.

The Youth Pathway program was developed in partnership with various stakeholders across business, industry and employment service sector, it’s sole purpose is to improve retention of young people and help manage any barriers and challenges they may be facing through 1:1 coaching support for the young person, their families/ at home supports and businesses where needed. 

This program was available to any business located between Latrobe/ Kentish and Wynyard that has young people aged 17-25. 

Through our consultations, we realise that the priority area for employee retention is the first 3- 6 months of employment, but we will work with any young person that you feel may benefit from a coach’s support. 

Mental health in the workplace is also a high-priority area for many business owners, and often plays a large part in employee retention strategy. 

We have been working with a mainland-based organisation – Chess Connect to develop training tailored for businesses to help work in a manner that is trauma-informed and helps better manage mental health challenges across the workplace. 

Furthermore, we also have close partnerships with local mental health services that can support your business in various ways. 


Youth Pathways was a voluntary youth coaching program facilitated by Burnie Works in partnership with Youth Family Community Connections and fully funded as a pilot by the Tasmanian Community Fund.

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