Dream BIG

Dream BIG aims to build the aspirations of Burnie students.

Burnie Works arranges this by hosting a range of activities. These include visits to Higher Education, work brainstorming sessions around careers, and workplace visits.

Students have the opportunity to explore jobs and experience a workplace they are interested in.

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Dream BIG FAQ's

  • To improve attitudes towards post grade 10 education and training.
  • To build a greater awareness of industry, employment, training and educational opportunities in the local area.
  • To inspire and motivate students to aspire to a brighter future.
  • To create partnerships with local industry and community groups to implement programs.
  • To involve parents and carers in conversations and interactions with their children about post grade 10 education, training, local businesses and industry.
  • To provide opportunities that link learning at school to future pathways early and demonstrate how skills are used in workplaces.
  • To provide opportunities for students to visit and experience what workplaces and post Year 10 education sites look like and see what happens there.
  • To build a future workforce that supports a globally competitive business community (Making Burnie 2030).

Each student has a personalised learning plan to create a ‘future story’ describing aspirations for the future.

Students visit educational and training campuses (Hellyer College, University of Tasmania and TasTAFE) in Term 1.

Students visit a workplace in Terms 2 & 3.

Business owners, managers, employees visit students to ‘tell their stories’ about their journey from school to work/training.

An end-of-year Dream BIG Expo is held. Students produce a display of their Dream BIG experience.

It is vital that parents/carers engage with the process as well. For some students and for many reasons, exposure to conversations about employment and further study are not part of family life. We want students to be inspired to dream and to be able to continue the conversation when they go home. For this reason, some parents/carers may be approached to join in the visits. 

Businesses are invited to host students for visits. This provides an opportunity for students to experience the workplace they are interested in.

Grade 5 students attending government schools in Burnie are invited to Dream BIG activities each year.

  • University of Tasmania
  • TasTAFE
  • Hellyer College
  • Workplaces/Business/Industry
  • Education Department
Dream BIG is a great opportunity for children to start exploring their interests with their family and teachers. It is always exciting each year to hear what young people in Burnie are dreaming about for their futures, from working in retail, buildings, astrophysicists, engineers and jobs that are only just emerging.

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