Burnie City Youth Council

Burnie City Youth Council enables young people to contribute their voice to positive change in matters that affect them in pataway / Burnie.

The Burnie Youth Council is a Special Committee of the Burnie City Council and is coordinated by Burnie Works. 

Being a Youth Councillor provides young people with the opportunity to learn about how Local Government works, develop leadership skills, learn more about their local community and participate in a range of community projects. 

Each year four students from each high school and two students from each primary school are nominated by their school to become a youth councillor. 

These representatives are then asked to nominate for the positions of Mayor, Senior Deputy Mayor and Junior Deputy Mayor. 

Burnie City Council Teeny Brumby, Hudson Bain our Junior Deputy Mayor, Gi-Annie Kingdon our Youth Mayor, Izzy Riley our Senior Deputy Mayor and Burnie City Council Deputy Mayor Giovanna Simpson.
In the first meeting of 2023 the Youth Councillors identified three hopes they had for their term on the Youth Council; to make a positive impact on Burnie, learn about local government and how it works, and to strengthen the youth community.
Youth Council - July Meeting

2024 Youth Council

Burnie Works, in partnership with Burnie City Council, have made some changes to youth council membership. These changes will take place over a two-year period and will see all Youth Councillors participating in Youth Council for two years by 2025.

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Congratulations to the office bearers for 2023

Youth Councillors went through the election process where students who wished to nominate for a Council position delivered their speech. We heard inspiring speeches from the heart. Youth Councillors then voted. Congratulations to the office bearers for 2023.

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Burnie City Youth Council Minutes

Youth Council Meeting minutes are prepared by Burnie Works and submitted to the Burnie City Council.

The minutes then go in the Burnie City Council meeting agenda so councillors can read, discuss and confirm them at their monthly council meeting.

Burnie Works is facilitating the Burnie City Youth Council in partnership with the Burnie City Council.

The Burnie City Council Youth Council Special Committee consists of:
Council Representative: Deputy Mayor Giovanna Simpson (Proxy: Cr Amina Keygan)
Contact Officer:  General Manager, Burnie City Council

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2023 Burnie City Youth Council

Saxon Long, Imogen Lloyd, Lottee Rolls, Ellie Sushames, Isabella ‘Izzy’ Riley, Danika Johnston, Gi-Annie Kingdon, Teleeka Campbell, Oceania Eustace, Harry Poke, Jonty Brumby, Bronte van der Ploeg, Jonte Schumann, Archer Collins, Jagger Barnard, Madeline French, Kolby Hampson, Eila Argent, Zoish Contractor, Kyson Riley, Sari Armstrong, Hudson Bain, Kaha Taiaroa, Asha Taiaroa, Azra Khan, Charlie Brown, Kiana Gibson, Tiabella Bester