North West First 1000 Days Storytelling

North West First 1000 Days Storytelling

It’s time to give a massive shout-out to the many families and professionals in Smithton, Burnie and Devonport who have given their time to our North West First 1000 Days project so far.

Together, we are exploring how community-led approaches to parent education can improve outcomes for children, families, and communities.

Thank you to the groups and individuals who have agreed to share their knowledge, experience, and perspectives on what life is like for families during the first 1000 days. We are gaining valuable insight into what is working well and what could work better during the crucial period from pregnancy to age 2.

Some stories were shared in one-on-one conversations, and some took place in crafting sessions where parents could express their experiences using playdough, coloured paper and glue, and natural materials like sticks and clay. People were so creative! And we learned a lot about what is happening across our four quadrants:

NUTRITION: We are hearing that feeding baby from day one can be a complicated journey and it works well when there is a lot of support in those early days.

CARING: It can be tricky to cope with a new baby, especially if we are feeling isolated or unsure of where to find support. Informal supports like family and friends are crucial for new parents.

CONNECTION: Parents are interested in learning more about their important role in helping their child’s development from birth, including the powerful impact of having a close, loving bond with Bub.

MOVING: Making sure everyone gets good strategies for tummy time. Many people have reflected on how tricky sleep routines can be.

We are about to enter the codesign phase of the project. During this phase, we will assemble a team of parents and professionals in each community to listen to local stories and brainstorm ideas for ways to further improve support for families during the first 1000 days. We are excited that parents’ voices will be leading the design process. We plan to share these ideas later in the year, so stay tuned! Thanks again to the incredible communities participating in this project.

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