Middle Years Family Support Project

We are exploring how families of primary school-aged children access and navigate supports in Burnie. We aim to co-design a product to meet community need.

The first phase of this project was to connect with families to understand their needs and how they currently access support and information.

In August and September 2023, we had conversations with over 100 families in Burnie about the needs of families with primary school-aged children as a part of our work on the Middle Years Project. 

The Middle Years Project asks the question;

How Might We enhance parents/carers connection to community and services, so they can get support when they need it?

And we heard that Burnie families want.

  • No wrong door – somewhere to go where parents and children know they’ll get support, when they need it.

  • Opportunities to connect as a whole family – things they can do to boost their relationships, that fit Burnie (warm and cheap)

  • Connection – to each other, to services, to activities, to schools.

In 2023, we were busy asking families what they need. We were also looking at possible solutions together.

In 2024 we’re ready for action. We want to work together to make the changes the Burnie community wants to see.


Please give Kira a call or text on 0491 176 751. 
Parents, carers, schools, and services welcome.
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