Middle years knowledge collection

Middle years knowledge collection

A few weeks ago we visited some primary schools in Burnie to chat with parents and care givers about what’s needed for families of primary school children.

Burnie Works and Knowledge Collectors popped back to Havenview Primary School this week to present ‘what we heard’ and to ask – did we get it right? (check out the posters).

We are back to Cooee Primary School this week for more coffee and chats, we can’t wait!

Next steps: making sense of what we are hearing and deciding on action (what needs to be done for families of primary school children here in Burnie).

We’d like to share a few lovely comments from the first round of school visits.

Just a note to say the school chat and coffee seemed like a great initiative. Fantastic to see parents in line to participate. Particularly nice as it was in familiar surroundings, in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. The coffee was an appreciated bonus, especially on such a rainy day. I am actively involved in education and parent school groups; however, I thought it was refreshing and positive to be asked for thoughts, opinions and feedback by an external organisation, in an informal way. It's good to feel heard and like personal and family experiences are heard and matter. All the best with your initiatives for Burnie!

People were happy to come and have a chat, it’s hard to be a parent sometimes and it feels like you're alone, and having people say - we want to help, it’s really nice.