Mental Health

We know that many people in our community struggle with mental health.
In 2022 we began exploring how we would develop a community Suicide Prevention Plan with our partner Relationships Australia.
We have heard that the current system supports short term community funding, and there is limited opportunity for long term approaches. We want to develop tools and gather information that can support our communities to identify and access opportunities and explore long term approaches.
To enable us to develop a plan, we first need to understand how people currently access and experience the system.
Our next step is to work with community members to identify how the mental health system can be more effective and supportive of their needs.
This work is currently focusing on youth mental health (ages 12-25) in Burnie, Central Coast and Devonport.
This will provide us with:
  • a shared understanding of the challenges
  • common and different challenges across the communities
  • a shared tool to help guide systems-thinking in decision making activities.

In November 2023 Burnie Works will be inviting young people to be part of this process. Keep an eye on our website and socials or sign up to our newsletter to receive updates on workshops and activities.

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