Get on board for 2024 – Student Friendly Business Pledge

Get on board for 2024 – Student Friendly Business Pledge

When Burnie businesses support young people’s education, Burnie Works. That’s why Burnie Works, a local not-for-profit organisation, is asking Burnie businesses to provide student friendly workplaces.
The Student Friendly Workplace campaign launched in September last year. It aims to help businesses identify and take steps to support their casual student workforce.

To support students as they balance school, work, and personal commitments, we have been asking Burnie businesses for their help by pledging to undertake the following actions:

  1. We will not roster students to work during school hours.
  2. We will not offer students last-minute shifts during school hours.
  3. We will be considerate when rostering students on school nights.
  4. We will not roster students on late shifts on the nights before exams. We will also encourage students to work less in the two weeks leading up to exams.
  5. We will follow workplace laws and our policies around the rights of employees. We will especially do so when hiring young people who are in school.

Burnie Works would like to thank the 28 businesses that have signed up so far.

The next step in this campaign is to help students find Student Friendly Businesses in Burnie. We will be printing posters listing Student Friendly Businesses in Burnie. Schools that wish to display this information can use them. Sign the pledge by Thursday 29 February to make sure your business is on the poster.

This a Burnie Works Every Day Counts Community Network initiative and we would like to thank our partners and supporters Business Northwest, Hellyer College, Marist Regional College, Parklands High School, and Burnie High School for their support of the campaign.