Introducing the Burnie Changers

Introducing the Burnie Changers

Burnie Works supports working groups that tackle community issues. We are excited to introduce a group of local people in Burnie who care for their community and want to make a difference in issues that affect them.

The group began as a families group that met once a month to talk about the issues that affect them and their families. Now, they are taking action for change.

With this new focus on action, they decided a new name was needed. Today, they are launching their new name and logo, The Burnie Changers, and they extend an invitation to community members to join them.

In 2022, the group recognised a need for more usable indoor spaces. They want spaces to be accessible to Shorewell Park and Acton area residents. They identified the Upper Burnie Hall as the closest public hall to these areas. The group lobbied for upgrades and maintenance for the hall. They wanted to provide a safe, warm, and usable indoor space for many more community members and organisations.

“For the past 18 months we as a group have achieved so much together. Our group organised a public meeting with council members to raise issues that matter to our community. We’ve met with and spoken to organisations to garner support. We’ve attended council meetings and asked public questions to hold council to its commitments. It’s been challenging and new, and we’re still doing it.” – said one of the group’s founding members.

The Burnie City Council committed to providing a ramp and heating upgrades in the 2022-23 budget. They also fixed the security lights. In 2024, the Council will remove asbestos from the roof of the Upper Burnie Memorial Hall. They will also install new roof sheeting and a new facade.

“It starts off as a cocoon then it changes to a butterfly. It was an ordinary hall, or a bbq area in the park, or something that needs doing, and we want to make it beautiful. We see what change we can make. Give it new life – from old to new.”- said one of the group’s founding members when talking about the group’s purpose.

Burnie Works considers this a mammoth win for the group and congratulates them on their achievements so far!