Have you ‘Dreamed Big’ in the past 10 years?

Have you ‘Dreamed Big’ in the past 10 years?

Have you, your child or your students participated in the Burnie Works Dream Big Program (higher education visits, jobs brainstorming sessions, career speakers at your school and business visits) over the past ten years?

If you answered yes, we would love to speak with you so that we can try to understand the value of the program and its impact within the community.

Dream Big is a Burnie Works’ program aimed at building aspiration in students from Burnie by exposing them to career stories and workplace visits.

Participant interviews will enable us to understand the impact that Burnie Works and Dream Big has on students, teachers, families and the community.

We are hoping to hear from anyone who has participated in Dream BIG over the past 10 years – yes can you believe Dream Big has been running since 2012!

How will the interviews run? We will be having informal chats face to face, online or over the phone during June. Chats are expected to be no more than 20 minutes.

Who will be doing the interviews? Our trained Burnie Works Knowledge Collectors who help collect information and stories from the community as part of understanding the impact of an issue on the community, OR Katherine from SVA (the consultancy firm helping us to bring the interviews together).

How to register? Phone or email Shandel our Community Knowledge Project Officer.
Ph: 0490 448 491
Email: spile@burnieworks.com.au

*Burnie Works operates in an ethical consent space. This means when you tell us your stories, you decide how, and with who, your information can be shared. View our consent form on here.