Grade 5 and 6 Students encouraged to Dream BIG this week!

Grade 5 and 6 Students encouraged to Dream BIG this week!

Pictured: Cara Phillips-Crole, 10, from Montello Primary School, uses a magnifying glass to get a closer look at the flora near the University of Tasmania’s Cradle Coast campus. Picture by Katri Strooband, The Advocate

Dream Big kicks off 2023 with Higher Education Visits for year 5 and 6 students in Burnie.

Our community values education and pathways to employment for young people and adults. This is reflected in the Making Burnie 2020-2030 Community Plan.

The community plan is being brought to life by a collaborative response across all learning touch points for families and employers.

The BIG Committee, a coalition of education, community, business, and industry members, takes up the challenge of making this happen.

Dream Big introduces students to career and education pathways and encourages them to dream big about their future.

This year – Dream Big will be offered to all Grade 5 and 6 students in public schools in Burnie.
This initiative was developed in response to the “Beyond Year 10” research undertaken by the University of Tasmania that indicated students formed opinions about post Year 10 education well before secondary school.

Dream Big includes three linked activities – Higher Education Visits, Jobs Brainstorming Sessions and Business Visits.

Dream Big’s first activity for 2023 will be Higher Education Visits.

Visits will occur on Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 29 of March where students from Natone, Montello, Havenview and Cooee Primary Schools will visit Hellyer College, TasTAFE and the University of Tasmania.

Burnie Works chair Jacqueline de Jonge said “Students participate in tours and hands on activities, while learning about the opportunities available in further education.

“Schools report that Higher Education Visits are a valuable opportunity for students to see and learn about future education pathways.

“The visits provide important reference points in conversations throughout the year about future jobs and pathways and fits in well with later Grade 6 transition programs, career learning, Children’s University and other programs running in schools.”

“Students also experience what happens on the campuses creating a sense of connection with the places of learning.”

Teachers report Dream Big is a particularly important opportunity for students who might not have regular conversations at home about their educational future and work pathways.

The opportunity for students to go outside of the school environment, and to experience the opportunities is seen as important.

We look forward to keeping the community updated with the outcomes from these visits.

**Dream Big is seen as a positive opportunity for students that would not be possible without the support of the BIG committee, the Burnie Works team, partners and businesses.

**Educators, in collaboration with business, government and Burnie City Council developed Dream Big in 2013.