First 1000 Days


The first 1000 days is an ageing period from pregnancy to 2 years old.  If parents and children get everything they need in this time frame then it can set up the child with health and wellbeing for life!  That is the key messaging that is being promoted around Burnie through an education campaign with roots at the Burnie Child and Family Centre.  There is also a narrative that is being shared in this community, around it never being too late to start great habits.


  “The brain is always trying to get back on track,” said Burnie Child and Family Centre Manager, Kylie Mulcahy.


The team at Burnie Child and Family Centre work closely with the Burnie Community House.  Residents of Burnie will be aware of the yellow brick road that links the two community centres on the Burnie hilltop.  There’s a strategy to share these messages to the wider community and Burnie Works is supporting this initiative.  An initial systems mapping workshop has been undertaken and key stakeholders in the system, parents and family support services will become champions of storytelling, the first 1000 days movement in Burnie.

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