FREE coaching service for young people new to employment.

FREE coaching service for young people new to employment.

The Burnie Works Youth Pathways team is excited to launch its Early Stage Employment Coaching Program.

The Youth Pathways Program is a free coaching service for young people new to employment.

Employers in the Wynyard to Latrobe region can access this assistance for their employees, which is fully funded through the Tasmanian Community Fund – which means it’s FREE.

Youth Pathways coaches can support workers with a wide range of issues that may be impacting their performance in the workplace, from issues with arriving on time for work to helping them deal with budgeting, accessing services or basic living skills we take for granted.

Burnie Works Chair Chris Lynch said “The great thing about this program is that it benefits the young person and the employer, it’s a win win! The Coach can meet regularly with workers as often as needed and at a time that suits their employer. The worker also has the option to include their family in the support if they are potentially part of the solution.”

“It can be overwhelming for some young people when they first start work. They might find themselves surrounded with older more experienced co-workers, who are great mentors for work related issues, but sometimes a little more help is needed for things that aren’t directly related to the job role and workplace.

“We can provide young people with the help they need at the start, good working habits and life skills are instilled, setting them up for the future so they can shine.”

If you are an employer or a young person and would like to know more, please contact the Burnie Works Youth Pathways Coordinator, Aaron on 0490 026 029 or email for more information.

Youth Pathways is a Burnie Works program supporting Young People through career focused coaching.