Join Us – BIG working group seeking new members!

Join Us – BIG working group seeking new members!

Burnie Works is looking for interested community members to join its BIG working group.

BIG is a coalition of community, education, business and industry people.

The working group links business and industry with schools. It aims to show young people what skills will be needed when they leave school and helps them learn about the opportunities opening up in our region.

The vision – for our young people to turn their potential into excellent outcomes in their community.

The working group seeks to achieve this vision by establishing deep and enduring partnerships between business, educational and local bodies within our community; with a focus on developing the next generation of workers, leaders and innovators.

Expression of Interest (EOI)

Members must live, work, or study in Burnie. We need members who care about Burnie’s young people and are ready to share ideas and take action. Members will make decisions that support young people in Burnie as they go through school and enter the workforce. 

The EOI process lets us know you’re interested and keen to know more, before committing. As we are currently seeking new members, we will call you once we receive your submission to have a quick chat.

There are three types of membership you could be involved in;

  • Parents, carers and extended family members
  • Former college students
  • Any community member

who would like to support career learning opportunities for Burnie’s young people.

  • Employers
  • Businesspeople
  • Recruiters

who are interested in learning and seeking opportunities to connect with schools.

  • Teachers
  • Principals
  • University, TAFE or similar, teachers and representatives
  • Career Education and Work Exposure specialists

who can provide an understanding of how career information is currently communicated to young people in Burnie.

  • A positive mindset about improvements and creating new ideas.
  • Commitment to actively take part in BIG meetings and discussions.
  • Have a strong connection to the BIG vision and mission statement and strategic direction.
  • Experience of Burnie, local businesses and industry or education (as a student, parent or teacher).
  • Members who have a connection with the Burnie community and attend as a BIG member, not as a member of their organisation.
  • Strong or developing relationships in the community that can be drawn on for ideas, support, and information.

An opportunity to:

  • build relationships.
  • work with passionate, like-minded people.
  • help create conditions for a bright future.
  • support the learning of young people in Burnie.
  • Learn about the Burnie way of working.

BIG meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 7.30am. As a member you will need to attend the majority of meetings during the year (at least 50%). Meetings are held in person, with the option to join online if required.

Want to know more?

Or if you would like to volunteer, propose an idea or collaborate.

Contact Olivia

0499 780 070