Early is great, but it’s never too late.

Early is great, but it’s never too late.

Right now, across the city of Burnie there are young human beings experiencing their first 1000 days of life. Some of them are the size of a jelly bean in their mother’s womb. Others are flicking spoonful’s of mashed pumpkin across the room and there are those who sit snuggled with a loved one sharing stories, songs and picture books! These little ones are future citizens of pataway Burnie, our most precious cargo on the road ahead.

How might the Burnie community respectfully support the first 1000 days of a child’s life?

Early is great, but it is never too late. We know that the first 1000 days can set a child up for the best possible start to life, but it is never too late to make small changes to the way we take care of ourselves and our families. There are 4 key areas that we will take a look at, sharing the stories of people like you, who are experts in their own experiences (their struggles and their joys).

Our community are becoming storytellers, using tools and experience to empower their peers, families and the future of pataway Burnie. Find out more about :

1. Caring Connections and responding to cues

2. Clean environments free from toxins

3. Breaking the cycle of stress

4. Swap food and drinks for those that fuel our BODY and MIND

first 1000 days

Please contact Kylie at the Burnie Child and Family Centre 64304222 and Tracy at the Burnie Community House 64333219 to find out more about the storytelling workshops, and how to be part of the action.