Consultation – Burnie’s Cultural Centre

Consultation – Burnie’s Cultural Centre

This week representatives from the Burnie Families Group, Kommunity Kids, Vinnies, Connected Beginnings and Burnie Works/UTAS Community Knowledge Collectors met with Council to provide feedback on the draft architectural plans for Burnie’s new Cultural Centre (Burnie Arts & Function Centre).

Please find details of what was discussed below, as well as a link to the online survey – so you can provide your feedback as well.

Feedback and questions asked
How will the toilets be configured (suggest LGBTIQ+ community should be consulted)?

Will there be a parenting room (to heat up bottles, change nappies, breastfeed, time out), and ideally away from toilets.

Has sound been considered (sensory issues, autistic people etc)?

Will the building be family friendly?

  • Artworks that can’t be touched should be placed high
  • Safety (stairs, entry/exit)
There is a potential for children’s interactive activities in the courtyard (not a playground but a safe time out place for kids and parents to relax). This will be the only indoor activity of its kind for children and young families and needs to be done well to fill this gap. 
Asked whether there would be space for makers? (Artists in residents)
Talked about the connection of the building with the CBD for ease of access
  • Future of the Plaza and the Courthouse
  • Could there be a walkway between the centre and k-mart
  • Parking and public transport (Cattley street is too far)
Asked if Council had considered environmentally responsibility in the design
  • Solar panels
  • Heating
  • Materials used (timber etc)
  • Windows (strength and glazing for heat capture)
Cultural consideration
  • Has there been consultation with the Pirinilaplu people, the traditional Aboriginal people of pataway-Burnie?
  • Asked about the Aboriginal Cultural piece that is currently in the plaza, what is the plan for this?
  • A feel that the design is quite ‘white’ (modern European style)
The group also gave feedback to the Council on other ways they could engage with our community.

View the plans, take a 3D walk through and leave your feedback. Feedback submissions close on 7 November 2022.