Burnie Families Group

Burnie Families Group

The Burnie Families Group will be hosting a casual get together at the Upper Burnie Memorial Hall on Thursday 6 October at 4:30pm to enable the group to meet and hear from Burnie City Council election candidates.

Members of the Families Group will present their hopes and aspirations for Burnie families and candidates will be allocated 5 minutes each to speak.

Burnie Families is an open community group that meets monthly at the Burnie Community House. This provides an outlet for families and services to come together to enjoy a free shared lunch, build community connections and discuss freely the issues that are important them.

Through its community led collective impact work with the Burnie Families Group, Burnie Works has encouraged this group to explore and identify barriers specific to Burnie families.

The Families Group would like to present one of the community issues they have identified, and that is that there are limited large affordable meeting places for groups and service providers to meet and hold events in Burnie.

The group believe they may have identified a solution – The Upper Burnie Memorial Hall.

Taylor from the Families Group said “The Upper Burnie Memorial Hall is large enough to accommodate large groups and it is in a great location, for many families it is hard to travel into town to get to events, this hall is nice and close to many of the families in our group.

“The hall lacks basic facilities such as a kitchen and heating, if we could find a way to organise some renovations, it would be perfect.

“Community groups often need a kitchen to hold events, for example many of our local migrant and cultural groups enjoy cooking together but find it difficult to find an affordable local facility with a kitchen – this is important to them.”

Fiona Loughran from Burnie Works said “people we work with are often looking for suitable locations in Burnie to hold events and the choice is very limited. We believe that if some basic renovations were undertaken, this hall would receive much more use.”

Burnie Works, in its role as a facilitator, has been able to help the group on possible avenues to progress their idea. The group has been engaged in the upcoming Council election and are very keen to meet and hear from the Council election candidates.

Taylor said, “an invitation to the community meeting has been sent to the Burnie City Council election candidates, we can take a look at the hall together, talk about our ideas and hear the reasons why we should vote for them.”

Everyone is welcome to attend.

What: Burnie Families Community Meeting
Date: Thursday 6 October
Time: 4:30pm to 6pm
Location: Upper Burnie Memorial Hall, 242 Mount Street Burnie

The Burnie Families Group is always welcoming new faces and children can come along with caregivers. Follow the Burnie Works facebook page and website to keep up to date with get togethers. The next meeting will be held at the Burnie Community House on Tuesday 18 October from midday to 1pm and lunch will be provided.