Community Capability – Cost of Living Workshops

Community Capability – Cost of Living Workshops

During our work, we hear from community about the issues and topics that they would like to know more about. 

In 2023 a big topic for our community was the cost of living, and this continues to be an issue in 2024.

We are designing some workshops to assist community in navigating this issue.

There are lots of different ways we could explore the cost of living issue.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback about the topics we could include in the workshops.

We are now in the process of designing the workshops and we will promote them shortly.

Why does Burnie Works run Community Capabability workshops?

Burnie Works offers Community Capability workshops to our community throughout the year.

Community Capability workshops are short sessions and are usually free of charge.

Anyone in our community can learn more about a particular topic. This includes mums, dads, workers, teachers, and young and retired people.