Communicating with Words and Pictures

Communicating with Words and Pictures

Do you want to improve your communication? Do you want it to have more impact and be easier to understand? Come along and start adding pictures to your words today!

This course will give you tips and ideas on sketchnoting. You can use them at work, school or at home (e.g. personal journalling), to improve clarity and engagement.

Learn how to:

  • Explore the key principles of sketchnoting.
  • Use the power of word and picture combinations to communicate.
  • Explore how you can apply this new skill at school, work or home.

When: Tuesday 16 April

Time: 10am to 2pm

Location: The Point, West Park, Burnie

Morning tea and lunch provided.

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Why does Burnie Works run Community Capability workshops?

Burnie Works offers Community Capability workshops to our community throughout the year.

Workshops are short sessions and are usually free of charge. Anyone in our community can learn more about a particular topic. This includes mums, dads, workers, teachers, and young and retired people.

When we build the knowledge, skills, and experience of the Burnie Works Team and the local community. This will strengthen our ability to drive positive change in Burnie together.