Co-Design Works – Community Workshops

Co-Design Works – Community Workshops

Community members and local service organisations are invited to join us for FREE workshops to learn about co-design.

The first workshop was held in November 2023. We are now inviting people to the follow-up workshop in March 2024.

Co-design is a process where people work together (co) to create (design) an item, activity, service or product. When we say people, it may be community members or professionals.

It is important to have the right mix of people, those with lived experience as well as those who work in the services or organisations.

For example, if you want to design a support service for families/carers with primary-aged children then you need those families/carers with primary-aged children and the people who provide those services in the room working together.

  • many minds coming together can create new ideas
  • it is respectful and inclusive
  • it gets better results

So they can understand and use good co-design in their work.

We hope that this training will help community members know what co-design is and feel confident to participate in co-design opportunities that come up in Burnie.

Next Workshop is now fully booked

When: Thursday, 14 March 2023

Time: 1:30pm to 3:30pm 

Where: The Point, West Park, Burnie

Burnie Works is hosting these workshops with PaperGiant.

This extends the Burnie Works training held in November 2023. It includes brand-new content. If you didn’t attend the first workshop that is fine. You can join this workshop as your first connection with co-design.

When community, organisations and government understand how co-design works, Burnie Works.