Chatty Cafe

Chatty Cafe

During last week’s Chatty Cafe at the Burnie Library we asked this question

THINKING about a student you know who is disengaged with school. If you could change one thing now to make it easier for that student to go to school more often – what would that be?
Nikki Brannigan
Participation Officer

We had quite a few people popping in – all happy to share their experiences and have them recorded via visual scribing (check it out below).

The main take away points from our chats…


      • A lot was about communication all round (how schools/teachers communicate with parents and students).

      • Is anyone asking the parent are you ok? (need to have capacity and resources to support this).

      • Better processes for engaging children for the first time, identifying strategies for settling in and behaviour concerns (this needs to be done well and clearly communicated).

      • Understanding the ‘whole’ story (this needs to be best practice).

      • There needs to be opportunities for support and flexibility.

      • School environments need looking at.

      • The system needs a culture change from failure to exploration and learning.

      • Do support pets play a role?

      • And finally – ASK THE KIDS – we need to give credit to children’s voice and experience on this issue.

    What is Chatty Cafe and how is Burnie Works involved?

    Chatty Café is a charity helping to keep communities connected by getting people chatting.

    Cafes and venues can become ‘recognised’ as places that care about their customers and community and help keep them connected.

    Cafes can nominate what day(s) and time(s) to put up a “Have a Chat” sign at a table, indicating customers who sit there are open to having a chat with other customers.

    Burnie Works and Community Knowledge Collectors attend Chatty Cafe at the Library as an opportunity to facilitate community conversations by asking a calling question at each session.