Chatty Cafe at this year’s 26TEN campaign for adult literacy

Chatty Cafe at this year’s 26TEN campaign for adult literacy

This week the Burnie Works team joined in the celebrations at the Burnie Library’s 26TEN – Tasmania’s campaign for adult literacy Community Day.

26TEN represents the 26 letters of the alphabet and 10 digits we use for counting, the tools for life

26TEN – Tasmania’s campaign for adult literacy

There was a buzz about the library with families and people engaged and interested in what each other was bringing to the event.

Connections were made and relationships were certainly nurtured, all in the name of literacy.

The library did a fantastic job in highlighting the importance of 26TEN work and the impacts that low literacy levels have within our community and the flow on effects this can have for people. Presenters were varied and all doing great things in the space of literacy support.

Our role on the day was to host the Chatty Café. We had quite a few people pop into the café and engage in conversation who were happy to share their experiences and have them recorded via visual scribing.

We are noticing that there is a value in understanding knowledge via pictures AND words. What do you think? Check out the visual scribes from Chatty Café – do they tell a story to you?

What is Chatty Cafe and how is Burnie Works involved?

Chatty Café is a charity helping to keep communities connected by getting people chatting.

Cafes and venues can become ‘recognised’ as places that care about their customers and community and help keep them connected.

The concept is that cafes can nominate what day(s) and time(s) to put up a “Have a Chat” sign at a table, indicating customers who sit there are open to having a chat with other customers.

Burnie Works was approached by Jessie Pangas from Tasmanian Leaders last year to enquire if there was a way to support Chatty Café on the NW Coast.

Burnie Works facilitated the connection with the Burnie Library to incorporate Chatty Cafe into their Library Bean Cafe.

Jessie came along this week to see Chatty Café at The Library and was thrilled to see the work in action.
Burnie Works have committed to attending one Wednesday a month and will be using it as an opportunity to intertwine the Community Knowledge Collector Project and facilitate community conversations by asking a calling question at each session.