Burnie Knowledge

Burnie Works when we are continually learning together

If the community and partners, supported by the backbone team work together to:

  • Create the conditions for collective impact
  • Make decisions about the best way to create change in complex systems and chaos
  • Target key areas that are important to the community such as children and families, education, employment, youth justice and wellbeing

Then together we will come up with innovative ways to work together

So that there will be long term sustainable positive change for the community.

This is the Burnie Works theory of change in its simplest terms.

The assumption is that efforts are amplified when issues are addressed collectively and systemically. This means that there should be greater impact for the community than if we continue with siloed programmatic responses to complex issues faced by particular communities.

The Burnie Works Understanding, Measurement, Evaluation and Learning Framework helps us to translate this into practice.

This framework gives us a map and tools to help everyone involved:

  • Identify the issues together by drawing on knowledge from local people, population data and relevant research
  • Know how best to focus our action to create the most change for everyone affected and be part of designing the best actions
  • Learn as we go so we can make any changes along the way
  • Know if what we are doing is making the difference we want to see
  • Be accountable to partners who contribute funding to do the work
  • Plan for future action based on what we know works here in Burnie

The framework has tools and processes for us to collect, analyse and present the knowledge we need.

It gives us a clear path for each action to show what we are trying to change, how we’ll know what’s changed and how we can measure the change.

End of action evaluations will draw on the information collected through the life cycle of the action to monitor indicators of change. The framework helps us to measure the change in the conditions for collective impact, systems change and how things have changed for individuals and the broader population.

Evidence about what is working in Burnie through collective impact will inform the strategic direction of the Local Enabling Group and Working Groups and continue the evolution of collective impact practice driven theory in Australia and beyond.

Data Dashboards – Coming soon, in development.