Burnie Families Group leading the way

Burnie Families Group leading the way

The Burnie Families Group recently presented their hopes and aspirations to the Burnie Council election candidates.

The event was a fantastic example of how a community-led approach works, whereby the community identifies its own needs and is then mobilised to respond to those needs to improve the lives of the whole community.

Key issue that the group spoke about was that there are limited large affordable meeting places for groups and service providers to meet and hold events in Burnie (outside the CBD).

The group choose the Upper Burnie Memorial Hall for the location of this meeting to demonstrate the potential of this underutilised community facility.

Situated in a central location for families and close to public transport and services, the group believe that with a little 💛TLC💛 this Council asset would be able to meet the community needs and receive much more use.

What did the Families Group achieve yesterday?

▪️ New connections were made

▪️ Learned about Council and its systems (how things work)

▪️ Plans were made to move their idea forward

How was it achieved?

▪️ We worked together to make the event happen

▪️ We engaged in open conversation

▪️ We acted with mutual respect

▪️ The Families Group were brave enough to give this a go! 💪

How did Burnie Works help?

We act as a facilitator for the Burnie Families Group. We help bring participants such as families and support services in health and education, together. The Burnie Families Group identifies issues, and Burnie Works helps to explore solutions. We assisted with some organising for this event, but the group ran it themselves….and they did a fantastic job.

Well done Families Group and thank you to the Council election candidates and other community members that came along.