Burnie City Youth Council Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and Junior Mayor.

Burnie City Youth Council Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and Junior Mayor.

This morning the Burnie City Youth Council elected their Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and Junior Mayor.

Congratulations to everyone who nominated for these positions and made a speech.

Just some of the things we heard throughout the speeches…

  • Want to see Burnie Thrive.
  • Believe in equal opportunities for everyone in Burnie.
  • Want to give youth a voice.
  • Use active listening and be impartial.
  • Equal rights to share differing opinions.
  • I want to help Burnie be the best city in Tasmania.
  • Be adaptive.
  • Bring my school values to the Youth Council.
  • Be brave.
  • Take things I learned and heard about at Youth Council back to my school community.
  • I want to help younger kids.
  • Determined to make change around Burnie.
  • Help others in need.
  • Important things are respect and making Burnie safe.
  • Increasing entertainment.
  • Want to make people’s ideas come to life.
  • Be a voice for people who don’t have the platform or the courage to share their ideas and thoughts.
  • Continue the council’s efforts in preserving Burnie’s natural beauty and wildlife ensuring that every animal and citizen has a good time here.
  • I want the people of Burnie to feel comfortable enough to express their thoughts and feelings with one another.
  • Continue to make Burnie a safe space – so we can all be friends with one another in this town.

We are in good hands👏👏👏

Congratulations to the office bearers for 2024
▪️ Burnie City Youth Mayor – Russi (Parklands).
▪️ Deputy Youth Mayor – Matthias (Marist).
▪️ Junior Deputy Youth Mayor – Cora (Romaine Park Primary).