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BIG works to create, and support quality experiences for young people and influence the way the education systems, industry and business intersect at key points in a student’s journey through education.

BIG had its beginnings in 2014. BIG was formed to link business and industry with schools to ensure our young people can see and learn about skills needed and opportunities open to them in the region.

The idea for BIG was sparked by businesses involved in Dream Big visits and formed with support from Better Futures, Local Solutions, Burnie City Council and Burnie Works (in it’s very early days).

BIG is a coalition of educational, community and business leaders who aim to support creative endeavours which build the aspirations of Burnie’s young people, with a particular focus on four significant touch points in Grade 5 – Year 12.  

The BIG Committee’s vision is to see our young people converting their great potential into excellent outcomes in their community. The BIG committee seeks to achieve this vision by establishing deep and enduring partnerships between business, educational and local government bodies within our local community; developing the next generation of workers, leaders and innovators.

BIG aims to:

  • Sow the seeds of aspiration with young people early in their education journey.
  • Build strong and active connections that create pathways for young people.
  • Cultivate innovation and resilience

BIG meets monthly throughout the year. For more information or if you would like to attend to talk about an opportunity please contact us by emailing

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