Appointment of Interim CEO

Appointment of Interim CEO

Good morning from pataway/Burnie

I am writing to inform you that Jim Cavaye has been appointed as the Interim CEO of Burnie Works.

Jim joins us in the role to support the Burnie Works’ backbone team, undertake high level duties and assist the board in the recruitment process for the new CEO to replace Rodney Greene, who left Burnie Works in October.

As a former board member of Burnie Works, we are fortunate that Jim can come into the role with a solid understanding of the organisation and our way of working.

Jim has a background in regional community development and has had an interest in Burnie Works for some time. He has a passion for rural and regional communities, and for supporting people to develop their community’s assets and strengths. He has had roles in managing large service delivery, education and research programs in regions, and is probably most well-known to the people of Burnie as the Pro Vice-Chancellor of the University of Tasmania in the Cradle Coast region, where he managed the university’s developing role in our region.

We anticipate that the Interim CEO will be in place until a recruitment process has been completed early in 2024.

In the meantime, the work will continue at Burnie Works. I am proud and privileged to lead an experienced board with a diverse skillset, and our backbone team is truly impressive! We are excited about this year’s achievements as well as the work and opportunities ahead of us. The English teacher in me has taken great delight in reading over our Impact Report, which will be shared with community later this month.

Jacqueline de Jonge
Chair | Burnie Works