Action Plan 2023-26

Action Plan 2023-26

We have been undertaking a Progress Mapping review of the Burnie Works initiative.

Over 50 local and external partners participated in workshops to look at how we work together to create positive community change.

We now have an Action Plan that focuses on both external and internal work to be undertaken over the next few years. They reflect the Progress Mapping journey that has been undertaken.

Please read the Action Plan 2023 – 2026 which goes into detail about the 10 actions listed below.

  1. Establish a Cross-Sector Support Group.
  2. Work to ensure government and funders commit to longer term funding around strengths, aspirations and community-led systems change.
  3. Continue to work with partners to expand the sharing of data and information held by Government and other organisations to support decision making and progress assessment.
  4. Elevate and embed community-led approaches as an acknowledgment that placebased facilitation and coordination is as essential as other social infrastructure necessary for communities to flourish.
  5. Agree on a risk framework that allows innovation and ‘failure’ through a continuous improvement lens.
  6. Resolve the issue of maintaining foundational local focus and geographical expansion.
  7. Reframe purpose and scope of initiatives around community aspirations, alignment of effort and shared agenda.
  8. Increase internal capabilities.
  9. Increase community capabilities.
  10. Understand true cost of the work.