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Officially launched!

"One thing that is apparent, is that Burnie Works and what we are aiming to achieve is not something being done to us or for us here in Burnie, it is something we are a part of- Burnie Works in working with us...

To me Burnie Works is bringing people together - for all types of involvement and hearing us equally - creating a space where our voice matters more than our job title."

Taylor Woodward, Burnie Works officially launched the new brand and type font on July 25th, at the Burnie Town Hall.

Burnie Works were fortunate to host the team from Seer Data & Analytics on June 24th at the Burnie Arts and Function Centre as part of the rebrand launch activities. There were two workshops with shared learning opportunities for the Burnie Works community and stakeholders.

“Data sharing, collaboration and shared measurement allow community voice to be front and centre in decision-making for societal reform. Every person has their own domain knowledge, expertise, and story. Few people have the skills and resources to fully harness the opportunity of the data age to take action to reshape and reform society.” Co-Founder Kristi Mansfield said.

Participants in the workshops took a Data Walk, an easy to interpret display of insights from Burnie. They were able to review, evaluate and determine what data is needed in Burnie, exploring questions like - Is the data telling the real story? What are the gaps? How can we fill them? The energy and agency was strong in the room for shared community learning - a good sign for Burnie Works.

Read more about how Burnie works with Seer Data & Analytics and the next steps here.
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Have you discovered the Burnie Works Survival Cards? They are an invitation to find joy, right where you are.

Currently exhibited in the Burnie Plaza Arcade shop 2/3, 'Set Me Free' can be viewed throughout July, 2021.

Artist Cynthia Hawkins will be onsite from 11- 12:30pm on July 14th to explain the art of tensegrity, including how to create it yourself.

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"The design I have created takes inspiration from the petroglyphs or rock engravings left through Tasmania by my Old People." Caleb Nichols- Mansell, Burnie Works.
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The Working Type Featuring David Rogers

'a working type'

Watch this 5 minute film that shows the making of the new Burnie Works type font, created by retired local sign writer, David Rogers.

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