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Ya, and welcome to another edition of the monthly news from Burnie Works. November is drawing to a close and has been full of learning and creativity with people in our community and networks. We have seen meaningful activities undertaken in each of our focus areas and with Summer and the end of the year fast approaching, a story about PLAY feels well timed.

As always we appreciate the generosity and contribution of our community and stakeholders for their support each month and acknowledge the traditional custodians of the lands where we carry out this work, the pirinilaplu people of pataway Burnie.

How are the children doing, Burnie?

At the end of October, Burnie Works was represented at the Childhood Play Summit in Logan, Queensland. The Summit was supported by Logan Together, a collective impact city, part of the Stronger Places, Stronger People initiative, located in greater Brisbane. The visit provided an opportunity for us to learn from another community working in a collective impact frame, like Burnie works does and legends like the creator of Bluey, Joe Brumm.

The Summit amplified the voice of Logan children and brought to the fore the understanding of children's rights to be heard and participate in actions that affect their everyday. Play is key to learning and engagement with children (and big kids!). How are we bringing the voice of our children into education, service delivery, town planning and opportunities for freedom of play?

''Play people'', a real thing in Logan, are reinvigorating the childhood of young people by involving them in creating their own play networks, allowing streets to open up as safe play spaces and as a result are building community connections and benefits that can be identified as a greater sense of wellbeing for those involved.

To find out more about the learnings and look at how Burnie might amplify PLAY and the voice of our youth in 2022 and beyond, please contact and visit the resources at Childhood Play Summit.

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Youth Pathways at the Burnie Jobs Fair, November 30

The Youth Pathways program is addressing a need for wrap around support for young job seekers. Burnie Works and Youth, Family and Community Connections are working in partnership to deliver the Youth Pathways program, funded by the Tasmanian Community Fund. The Program is guided by the steering committee, the Employment Partnership Group that is part of the Burnie Works eco-system.

The program includes coaching job seekers for job readiness, advocacy for family support around the job seeker and identifying and working to address any barriers to employment. The program seeks to place job seekers in path internships with local work places, with the ideal outcome resulting in local employment for young people.

Aaron and Calita are building relationships with young people looking for employment, key industry stakeholders and applying supports that take job readiness to a new level with mental health awareness, family support and advocacy. The team work in alliance with job actives and government initiatives to build a strong pathway for Burnie’s young people and local industry.

Please contact our Youth Pathway officers, to learn more about the program. Email

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xmas 2021 breakfast picnic

You're invited!

Please register your place for a picnic breakfast in Oakleigh park, on Tuesday December 7 at 7:30am. We have organised a coffee van top park close by and a delicious spread ordered from Liv Eat to share to celebrate the season!

Come and meet with fellow stakeholders at Burnie Works. Hear a little bit from representatives in our focus areas, including the 2021 Youth Mayor Danielle Jones.

We thank you for your support and participation through 2021 and look forward to another exciting year ahead. See you in the lovely green space, at the end of Strahan Street, a short walk from the CBD and a few doors down from the Burnie Works office.
Oakleigh park Nov 2021
LDAT know the risks

Know Your Risk - Take Control, 2nd Edition

Officially launched!

Recently the Burnie Community House launched the 2nd edition of Know the Risks - Take Control, funded by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation and lead by the Local Drug Action Team, Burnie Works.

The family friendly resource book that outlines the side effects and risks of addictive substances, information and support available within north-west Tasmania was proudly designed and developed by community. The creators envisage the book to be a great conversation starter for parents and children alike from the age of 8 up.

To obtain a copies, free of charge, for your local group, organisation, school, or home please call 64333219 or call in to the House at 24 Wiseman Street, Shorewell Park.

Photo credit: Karen Pettit

Community Engagement & Participation short course

Burnie Works stakeholders and broader networks got a taste of the new Cradle Coast University experience on Monday November 22 with a one day short course on community engagement and participation.

Community ‘engagement’ as opposed to ‘management’ is the practice of influencing a variety of outcomes through respectful communication and ongoing relationship building.

The focus of the Community Engagement and Participation short course was on creating impact through effective engagement practices. The course picked up elements of both community engagement and participation as well as the ‘human’ economics of local communities.

As a result of this learning, stakeholders will be able to apply community engagement practices to enhance community participation and influence the efficacy of the subsequent collective impact.

The course was facilitated by Professor Jim Cavaye, and designed as an interactive workshop to enable students to immerse themselves in the learning and how that learning applies to participants lived experience(s). There were no formal assignments required for this course and participants will receive an electronic Certificate.

The course was commissioned by and for our Burnie Works colleagues. The course was designed to support the North-West community to build its collective impact capability in line with the Federal Government's Stronger Places, Stronger People Program.

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F1D Workshop Oct 12 Speed Dating

North West & West Coast Regional Jobs Hub Manager- Burnie Works

Our region faces one of the most exciting and yet challenging times in its history.
With major new projects and growth across multiple industry sectors, the reopening of borders, and the fast approaching retirement of the baby boom generation, there has never been such a demand for workers. At the same time there are many of our residents who have been struggling over long periods to enter or re-enter the workforce.

The Regional Jobs Hub is a Tasmanian Government initiative aimed at linking local jobseekers with employers and to provide businesses with the workforce they need. It recognises that local leadership and support is key to success.
We are looking for someone who understands our region, who can work across multiple sectors, inspire and facilitate collaboration, build a great team, develop innovative models of service, manage projects and contracts, and who is comfortable working within and across complex and chaotic systems. You will also have experience reporting to a Board or Committee.

If you want to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of job seekers and business people on the Coast, enjoy wrestling with wicked problems, can juggle multiple priorities while meeting the demands of a diverse range of stakeholders, and don’t mind regular travel across a broad region, we would love to hear from you.

Please email Rodney Greene at to organise a confidential discussion prior to submitting an application.

Applications close at midnight Sunday, 5 December, 2021.

CAPITOL - register for a Free UTAS Nutrition workshop in Burnie

The CAPITOL Project (Critical Age Periods Impacting the Trajectory of Obesogenic Lifestyles) is helping communities to more effectively prevent obesity through better health and wellbeing.

A free workshop will be held at the Cradle Coast campus on December 7 for people interested in better nutrition, with course material presented by Nutrition Science students from University of Tasmania. Please follow the details for registration in the link below.

Please also visit our website to access current newsletters on ‘Free Physical Activity Infrastructure’, ‘Where You Live Matters’, and ‘Physical Activity Infrastructure in Schools’. The work highlights numerous opportunities to engage in physical activity locally!

Please email Tim Holloway for further information:

Nutrition Workshop December Burnie
survival cards pouch

Burnie Works Survival Cards- Christmas gift

Burnie Works has Survival Cards available to purchase at $30.00 plus postage. The Housing Choices, 'Sewing with Jo' crew are also stitching colourful pouches for them to live in (there is a short wait for this pouched product).

The Survival Cards were an output from the Social Recovery Campaign which has been rolled out since COVID first arrived on our shores in early 2020. The cards are a visual representation of Burnie stories of resilience and renewal, captured in the wake of the lockdown experienced by the community, as one of the first hotspots in the country. They are being used in many ways to reflect on self care strategies, share stories and connect in a professional capacity, individually or with families. The Burnie Child and Family Centre are gifting sets of card to families as part of an centre initiative. They're also finding a purpose on the mainland with our networks!

The cards can be flicked through for free on the Burnie Works website where there is an innovative shuffle application, for people to click a button and the a card will appear that might speak to them in the moment. Follow the link below to shuffle and select a survival card for your day!

To enquire about purchasing a hard copy pack of cards, please email Lucy
Burnie Works Survival Cards

Books in Homes - what's next?

Primary schools and early learning centres across Burnie have received their Books in Homes orders this month to gift all pre-school children who participate in Launch into Learning with their chosen children's picture book. Let us know your feedback (parent/ guardians, educators and children).

Books in Homes 2021 has been funded by the BIG initiative, as part of Burnie Works education focus area.

Books in Homes will be rolled out again in term 1/2 2022 funded by Catholicare Communities for Children. BIG is currently interested in industry support for the continued roll out of the program in the latter half of 2022. Please get in touch if you are interested in funding this valuable initiative. For more information view

Email for more information about the local roll out of Books in Homes.

Youth Making Changes Around Burnie YMCAB 2022

YMCAB will bring together young people age 15 - 25 year olds in 2022 to guide the running of key music events and activities to amplify the voice of youth in Burnie. The group will compliment and work alongside the Burnie Youth Council, and other youth services, clubs and school representative groups to channel a diverse and broad mix of young voices from across the community.

The group is calling for nominations with a ''get to know each other day'', and training opportunity scheduled on February 1st, 2022. We invite young people who are in school and work to get involved, with the opportunity to meet outside of school/ work hours to make meaningful change in our community, learn and create meaningful change!

YMCAB and the Burnie Youth Council are funded by the Burnie City Council with huge support from Burnie Works stakeholders across not only the child youth and family focus area, but all the ecosystem.

For more information, please contact

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