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When local knowledge leads, Burnie works. This month we share more about the innovative Community Knowledge Collector Project, bringing community stories to the forefront in our work. March has been graced with Harmony Week and Neighbour Day, celebrated in pataway Burnie with a collaboration of community, support services and organisations with the national theme, Everyone Belongs.

Young people of Burnie are in the spotlight and Youth Week falls in the first week in April (a quieter affair this year with the Burnie Youth Expo postponed to a later date due to local school covid outbreaks). Despite the difficulty in some youth programs unable to operate in local schools, outside of the school grounds Burnie Youth Council has elected it's members for 2022 and moved their first motion to support access to a local PRIDE event for young people in Burnie. YMCAB (Youth Making Changes Around Burnie) have participated in a Clean Up Australia Day event with Headspace Burnie and are continuing to recruit new members through engagement in community activities such as the University of Tasmania Cradle Coast, Community Market Day earlier in the month.

BIG will host it's first virtual Up Close and BIG session as the month turns over on April 1st with a large cohort of Burnie school students across several schools. This session is bound to build aspiration, streamed from USA with a story that began for a school boy in Burnie.

When Local knowledge leads, Burnie WOrks A Conversation flyer

Burnie Local Knowledge Collector Project

Collecting stories of the lived experience of people within the community is becoming recognised as an important source of knowledge. Local knowledge collection enables the bringing together of stories held within the community. Being able to collect and make sense of people’s understanding of how things work the way they do, what the positive experiences mean and what’s happening to create challenges is essential to make decisions about what needs to change and how.

Authentically engaging community members, their lived experience, aspirations, and participation is central to the Burnie Works way of working and we know that other service providers and partners are also investigating how we can improve the way that we involve community in knowledge collection.

Burnie Works, with funding from the Department of Social Services, is joining forces with UTAS to co-design a micro-credentialed learning pathway for community knowledge collectors. Participants will be trained and supported to become community knowledge collectors. At the end of the course, there will be paid opportunities for community knowledge collectors to work with Burnie Works to bring additional insights not provided through external data collections.

Shandel Pile, Burnie Works newly appointed Community Knowledge Project Officer, has spent the last eight years working with Burnie Community House in community development; resourcing, supporting community and providing capacity building opportunities. Shandel sees this project as critical to upskill community members to collect local stories where people get to tell their story, in their words, on their terms, to create positive change. Shandel’s role will be to work closely with UTAS in the co-design process and recruit and mentor participants.

“I am absolutely honoured to be trusted with the position to support community to capture their stories of triumph, strength, pain, bravery, empowerment, and elation and to tell these stories as far as we can, to people and places that could make considerable difference.”

There are up to 15 places available in the August intake for the course. You might know someone who might be interested in gaining these skills through this opportunity or you’d like more information about the co-design and how your organisation could get involved please email hello@burnieworks.com.au. and come along to the conversation on May 12th.

Neighbour Day March 27 2022

Harmony Week & Neighbour Day celebrations

Burnie Works in conversation with the Migrant Resource Centre (North)

There was strong interest for a Burnie conversation with the Migrant Resource Centre's Northern CEO, Ella Dixon for Harmony Week on March 23rd at UTAS. This conversation has come at a time when the Migrant Resource Centre are re-establishing themselves in the northwest region, connecting with community, industry and services with capacity for staff to visit the region once a month.

Participants in the session were grateful for the opportunity to hear the personal story of Ella and her family and others who have recently migrated to Tasmania. The nuances of the 'migrant experience' were explored, the challenges and stereotypes that are often difficult to discern if you have not heard someone's story. Ella has shared a presentation that details the data available to understand what the migrant population might look like in Burnie. It spurred on additional conversations around wanting to connect meaningfully with migrants in Burnie and ways in which we might be able to continue to learn from each other. If you would like more information and a copy of the presentation notes, please contact Burnie Works engage@burnieworks.com, or call Lucy 0491 176 739.

Neighbour Day, Wiseman Street Reserve South community collaboration

For Neighbour Day, Burnie Works with Housing Choices, the Vinnies Van, Burnie Library, Encore Performing Arts and Community Creations (art & sewing group) came together in a lesser used green space in Burnie. The BBQ was running hot, the musicians had the locals tapping their toes and some were even brave enough to sing along on the mic. The event was held on the official Neighbour Day, Sunday March 27th which allowed families to be part of the action and help lead activities on the day. When you work alongside the community, Burnie Works.

Acting Mayor, Giovanna Simpson celebrated the community spirit and collaboration of the people present in a welcome speech. The Community Creations group have created a bunting from the event which will be strung up in public at the Shorewell Plaza. The artwork is a creative expression of belonging in the Burnie community, with contributions by those who attended.

Neighbour Day March 2022

Up Close and BIG with Mathew Young

The BIG committee are excited to launch their first Up Close and Big virtual classroom session with Mathew Young, Senior Business Development Manager for Catapult Sports who works with US Pro Sports Leagues, the military and the Olympics based in Boston, USA.

Mathew grew up in the Burnie area and moved to the USA 3 years ago to take up this opportunity after studying Exercise Science at the University of Tasmania. He's also had experience working in Melbourne and New Zealand for Catapult Sports on his career path.

Around 50 students from primary and high schools in Burnie will be part of the Zoom classroom conversation on April 1st. This will be one of several Up Close & BIG sessions held throughout the year. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions about Mathew's career pathway and experience by submitting them prior to the zoom call.

For more information about BIG, dreamBIG and the education programs running in 2022, please email projectofficer@burnieworks.com.au

Burnie Families School Holidays Flyer

The Burnie Families Community Circle meets monthly in pataway Burnie and has been funded to produce a school holiday flyer, since the idea was first floated by parents of school aged children in September 2021. The latest funding for the initiative comes from the Burnie Library who are key players in sharing FREE activities with the Burnie community over the school holidays.

Burnie groups and organisations are encouraged to submit their FREE school holiday activities for school aged children to Alli at Burnie Works by April 6th at the latest, to be included in the Easter School Holiday Flyer print run. The promotion of these events will be include radio, online and printed posters across Burnie. Look out for events such as the Hoppy Happy Easter Movie Eggstravaganza, YFCC holiday activities and the popular Burnie Library workshops. The group has also put together ideas for play to do at home, if you're in isolation or its a wet weather day, Burnie families have an opportunity to thrive and play with fresh ideas promoted for when schools out!

Email your activities or ideas to admin@burnieworks.com.au or call 0418 965 224
headspace and ymcab beach clean up
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