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We are approaching the end of February, 2022 - back into routine with monthly working groups coming together in person and online - powering through co-design workshops across the region with the West North West Regional Jobs Hub. Recruitment is in progress for the Community Knowledge Collector Project at this time.

When community works together to create innovative actions that make positive changes, Burnie Works! This is the underlying Burnie Works theory of change which helps our working groups and other community and government partners determine the course of action that will have the most impact whether we are focusing on children, youth and families, education, employment, justice and wellbeing. We're looking for a creative ways to explain this approach and how everyone plays a part. Perhaps we begin with suggesting a tangible action that may affect change. Can you please share this newsletter with other community members who might not yet have had the opportunity to be part of Burnie Works. There is the chance they might attend a local training opportunity or be connect with support network, they read about here. With many hands... !

First 1000 Days and Child & Youth Wellbeing

In late 2021, over 60 people contributed their lived personal and professional experience to consider the actions and the recommendations contained in the Premier's Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy. This included the Burnie Works Justice and Families Working Groups; the North West Action on Youth group; the Burnie City Youth Council; and representatives from the community and service systems that focus on the First 1,000 Days, trauma and education. Burnie Works collated the response to the Premier which can be found published here on the Burnie Works website.

This month we can report that the Hon Peter Gutwein MP has provided a response to Burnie Works and has forwarded the recommendations to the relevant Ministers. We are also working closely with the Child and Youth Wellbeing Implementation Team in the Department of Communities to connect the new actions in the strategy to what is already happening in Burnie. If we can enable the new programs to amplify the existing positive work, connect in with those who know our local community, we hope that we’ll show that a place-based way of working brings greater opportunity for the Government to achieve the Strategies outcomes. Contact Kylie, for more information: melo@burnieworks.com.au

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Community Connections - Harmony Week

Burnie Works with Housing Choices and the Burnie community to support a number of activities in Harmony Week, from March 21 - 27, 2022. The theme for Harmony Week is everyone belongs, and the activities proposed have been designed to foster a sense of connection and greater understanding of the diversity of Burnie stories. We celebrate the palawa people of Tasmania as part of this week. We will acknowledge the pirinilaplu people as the traditional owners of the land, ocean and waterways around Burnie in our celebration.

On Wednesday March 23rd, The Migrant Resource Centre (North) will be visiting Burnie to meet with Burnie Works stakeholders. Please register to attend this event at University of Tasmania as there are limited spaces. Register via sticky tickets here. If you would like more information, please contact Lucy: engage@burnieworks.com.au

Kommunity Kids will take on Harmony Week theme on March 23rd with free multicultural fare for families, cooked by Hilltop Enterprises, Burnie Community House. There will be multicultural sport and art activities in park and we invite families to bring a new friend. Housing Choices and Burnie Works will run activities with community members from 3:30- 5pm.

Sunday, March 27th in Neighbour Day and Housing Choices and Burnie Works have invited all stakeholders and community to join in a neighbourhood celebration with MUSIC, a BBQ and PLAY from 11 until 1 in the park behind Shorewell Plaza. Please contact Nikki for more information: nikki.campbell@hcau.org.au
Tana News

TANA - Trauma Awareness Network Australia

TANA’s Burnie Community Forum and Workshops, March – April 2022

TANA was founded in Burnie in 2018 and is now well-established grassroots health promotion charity for the prevention of complex trauma. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only one of its kind in the world.
TANA members have been working diligently in the background for four years, intent on coming up with a viable solution that can shift the effects of the complex social problems we all face.
The science has been well-established for decades and new technologies keep adding strength to the findings - that experiences affect people. Unresolved toxic stress results in long-term health and learning difficulties, especially when experienced at sensitive developmental stages. TANA explains the science, in simple terms, that health, learning and life outcomes can be predicted. And what is predictable is preventable.
TANA is leading the upstream prevention of complex trauma from the grassroots. Be part of the solution.

These workshops are brought to you through TANA's partnership with Communities for Children.

TANA’s Burnie Community Forum Tuesday 22nd March 2022
11:30am - 2:00pm (including light lunch)
Register here: https://drct-tana.prod.supporterhub.net/events/tana-event-002

Books in Homes term 1

Last year 276 pre-school children enrolled in Launch into Learning received 828 books through the Books in Homes initiative. Launch into Learning has been put on hold for term 1 in Tasmanian schools due to COVID which has altered the roll out of Books in Homes this term. Thankfully, Burnie Families are still able to view the books on display in the Burnie Library this term. Most of them are available to borrow from the library too. The Burnie Child and Family Learning Centre are also the custodians of the books and families of pre-school aged children are allowed to view and select their book from the centre at this time. Orders will go ahead as planned, with the return of Launch into Learning in Burnie Schools and although delayed, the roll out of the initiative will not be affected. Both the Burnie Library and Burnie Child and Family Learning Centre have wonderful spaces and services to support families with pre-school children while Launch into Learning remains on hold. For more information, contact Olivia projectofficer@burnieworks.com.au
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