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2022 has arrived, and with it some fine conditions at Burnie Works! We're seeing in the year with a fresh new Regional Jobs Hub in the west, and northwest. We also welcome applications for an intriguing new project officer role to support the Burnie Local Knowledge Collector Project. In partnership with University of Tasmania, this project will revolutionise our way of understanding our community and create a local pathway for students in place - based collective impact. This January we also have a story of positive impact, a feedback loop for our 2021 Burnie Youth Councillors who received a response from Minister Courtney's office. As always we welcome curious community to get in touch, via phone, email or in person (as covid permits!). We're limiting our team office time together in order to minimise risk of spreading the virus but are happy to connect from home, office or outside in the park!

Regional Jobs Hub

Burnie Works has been chosen to run the Jobs Hub for the North West and West Coasts for the next 2.5 years. The Jobs Hub is an initiative of State Government to improve participation in employment, education and training for residents of our region. We will be working closely with government, business, industry and community partners to design a service that meets the needs of each part of the region and each sector.

A Regional Jobs Hub Board has been established as a sub-group of the Burnie Works Board and includes very experienced, passionate and well-connected industry, business and community representatives from across the North West and West Coasts. Several Advisors from the government, community and education sectors are also supporting the Board.

Cr Kate Ettlin from Circular Head Council has been appointed Chair and Danielle Kidd has been appointed to the position of Program Manager for the Hub, based at the Burnie Works office in South Burnie. The Board, Advisors and Program Manager have been working on the Strategic and Operational Plans for the Hub – watch this space for more information about the plan, the staff and Board, and opportunities to share with your community!

Burnie Local Knowledge Collector Project

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The Stronger Places, Stronger People (SPSP) initiative seeks to demonstrate that place-based collective impact practice can create better outcomes for children and their families in participating communities over time. Strong data capabilities are integral for setting benchmarks, tracking progress, evaluating SPSP outcomes at a local and initiative level and assisting the implementation of the initiative. The Department of Social Services recognises that backbone organisations are well placed to build the skills and capacity within the teams and the community to collect knowledge of change in communities.
The project supports the implementation of the Burnie Works Theory of Change and Shared Learning Strategy.

The project's approach, whilst unique in mainstream community evaluation, is not unique in Australia where two Indigenous projects, similar in purpose commenced in 2021.

Local knowledge collection enables the bringing together of stories held within the community as part of understanding the impact of an issue affecting the community. This knowledge is then brought together with population data, research, and knowledge from asset and systems mapping to shape community action. The role of community knowledge collectors is to bring additional insight not provided through data collections or external data custodians. This role compliments the Burnie Works Community Participation strategy. An example where Burnie Works would call on community knowledge collectors is to gather stories about how screen use is affecting children and families to support the work of the Families Group.

For best practice and to acknowledge the skills and commitment needed to do this well, community knowledge collection requires a learning pathway and opportunity for reimbursement for community knowledge collectors. Burnie Works has worked with Department of Social Services to develop this project.

To find out more call Kylie on 0491 176 751 or email melo@burnieworks.com.au
More information about the Community Knowledge Collector Project Officer position Click here.

Working with COVID

A bit of fun to punctuate your day. Shuffle the Burnie Works Survival Cards online as an invitation to find JOY, right where you are. The cards are a visual representation of stories shared by the pataway Burnie community as they navigated the challenges of covid through 2020 ( hello 2022, we encourage you to continue to share your stories of resilience). The Survival Cards are available to purchase in a pack with indeas for use and all funds going towards community participation. Email engage@burnieworks.com.au to order your own deck to use with your colleagues, students or peer groups, to guide conversations or spark creativity.

Please note our monthly Burnie Families Community Circle will take place outside in Shorewell Park, beside the Burnie Community House on February 15th, 12- 1:30pm with shared lunch. New members welcome. Please stay tuned for any updates that might prevent our first catch up for 2022 going ahead!
Lucy 0491 176 739 or Olivia 0499 780 070

Minister Courtney's recent response to the Burnie Youth Mayor!

Burnie Works values youth engagement as part of a broader Community Engagement Strategy and in 2021, officially took on the role of facilitating the Burnie Youth Council and reigniting YMCAB Youth Making Changes Around Burnie with support from the Burnie City Council.

Fast forward back to May 2021:

The Burnie Youth Councillors visited the Burnie library to learn about the public space and the resources that many of them had not visited, not at least since they were young children. It sparked an enthusiastic conversation and a community event that the youth councillors organised (a movie night was held in October 2021). A letter was forwarded to the Minister for Education, Minister for Children and Youth, Hon Sarah Courtney with some of the groups ideas. Please scroll below to see what came next.

In January 2022, Youth Mayor Danielle Jones received a positive and potentially systems changing response from the Minister that has been forwarded to the 2021 Burnie Youth Councillors. The new recruits for 2022 will come together for a workshop with JCP Youth on February 1st, before commencing youth council later in February at the council chambers to begin their season!

BYC letter to MinisterCourtney 28102021 use this one
DIRECT REPLY - Ms Danielle Jones from the Minister for Education - Re Burnie City Youth Council - Library Memberships - (MN44963)
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All the best for a warm and wonderful start to the year!
Burnie Works team :)

Pictured: Our local, Oakleigh Park, South Burnie ( a few footsteps away from the office).
Oakleigh Park Nov 2021
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