1000 Pataway/Burnie Youth Voices!

1000 Pataway/Burnie Youth Voices!

Burnie Works are putting out the call for 1000 young people aged 15-19 who live in Pataway/Burnie to have their say in Mission Australia’s 22nd annual Youth Survey.

As the largest survey of its kind, Mission Australia’s Youth Survey 2023 will provide a valuable snapshot into what young people are thinking and feeling. Last year we heard from 10% of young people aged 15-19 in Burnie – 103 of the 1054 (2021 census) and we were provided with our very own BURNIE report which is now available for our community here.

Burnie Works Chair Jacqueline de Jonge said “This year we want to hear from more young people in our community aged 15-19. The more survey responses we get for Burnie, the more robust the data becomes. This will in turn provide people, community organisations and most importantly – the decision makers (all three levels of government) with a bigger and better insight into what young people in Burnie are feeling, wanting and needing. If we have strong data behind what our young people are saying – that is hard for decision makers to ignore! So it would be amazing if we heard from the whole 1000 Burnie youth voices in this age bracket!”

“We can see from last year’s respondents that we need to work harder this year to reach a more diverse audience. We had a low representation from males, people with disabilities and 15- and 19-year-olds in last year’s survey. We will be reaching out to our partners to help us get the word out.”

There are many insights that can be taken from last years’ report and Burnie Works is happy to answer questions and go through the report with community organisations – please reach out.

Burnie Works are also keen to bring the data back to young people and we will begin this by facilitating discussions with this years’ Burnie City Youth Council.

Mission Australia CEO Sharon Callister said “the Youth Survey was an important platform for young people to express their concerns, aspirations and experiences and amplify their voices to instigate change. Last year, for the first time we heard young people’s solutions to the issues they face and hope to build on that with this year’s survey,” Ms Callister said.

Youth Survey 2023 is open now until August and takes 20 minutes to complete.

To take part in the survey visit the Burnie Works website for the link or use the Burnie Survey Link below. Our Burnie code is 65001.