HILLTOP MARKET GARDEN » A community food hub to support the development of skills and knowledge around healthy lifestyles and food production.

Hilltop Market Garden

The Hilltop Fresh Produce Project is working to address food insecurity in the suburb of Shorewell Park, Burnie. Shorewell Park has been identified in ABS 2011 Census data and the SIEFA Index as a disadvantaged area in our community.

The social purpose of the project is to develop a sustainable community food hub to engage local residents and the wider community in improving their health and wellbeing and developing skills and knowledge around healthy lifestyles, work skills and food preparation and production.The project is built around two major areas to support this; fresh food supply and fresh food production.

The project activities are undertaken by work for the dole participants, volunteers and staff who are supported to develop skills and undertake accredited training activities. The success of the project is through the commitment of the community.

Our core values:

  • We Sell High Quality Produce - we celebrate the difference that healthy, natural products can make in the quality of one’s life.
  • We Grow Quality Produce - using environmentally sustainable principles.
  • We Satisfy, Delight and Nourish Our Customers - all customers, participants and partners of the projects are our most important stakeholders.
  • We Are Community Inclusive - we respect and involve community members in all aspects of the pop up produce store, market garden, learning centres & Community House.
Hilltop Market Garden

Hilltop Community Store & Café

The Hilltop Community Store & Café provides an access point to affordable food in the community and has become a hub for social inclusion for customers. The store and café also provide work for the dole participants and volunteers with access to valuable work experience and skill development opportunities in the hospitality industry.

The store and café provides a growing lsit of products including;

  • - Fruit, vegetables and herbs
  • - Bulk Foods
  • - Healthy take home meals
Hilltop Market Garden

Hilltop Catering

Hilltop Catering supplies nutrisous and tasty food to the Hilltop Community Store and Café, as well as providing catering for private functions and meetings. Hilltop Catering is undertaken by a team of volunteers in conjunction with work for the dole participants.

Hilltop Catering and Hilltop Community Store and Café together provide a range of skill development areas and work experience to the community.

Hilltop Market Garden

Hilltop Fresh Market Garden

Hilltop Fresh Market Garden has been developed from pasture by a team of volunteers and work for the dole participants. Thius work has been undertaken inconjucntion with weekly accredited training through TasTafe.

The market garden is under conitunual development to supply the store with a variety of fresh food produce and currently supplies a range of produce including cabbages, broccoli, lettuce, silverbet and carrots.