DREAM BIG » is a program that encourages Grade 5 students to Dream Big and look beyond perceived barriers when considering their future beyond High School.

Bernie the Blue-tongued Lizard

Dream Big assists the students in developing an understanding that learning has real purpose and helps them to gain an insight into the opportunities it can bring, which can significantly impact the future of the students involved in the program.

Some of our students live in families who, for many reasons, have been unable to participate in a work environment where conversations and references to the world of work are not commonplace and remain an unattainable mystery. We remove the unknown and open the door to new possibilities, in the hope that this might empower children to strive for a more satisfying and enjoyable future than the one they currently see for themselves.

The program runs throughout the school year with students visiting various workplaces and educational institutions to provide exposure to various career opportunities via a fun but informative hands on approach. Students are encouraged to participate and are awarded with certificates or souvenirs from their visit as a physical reminder of their experience, which may, encourage conversations at home with their families.

To consolidate the students understanding of how education relates to the real work, business and community leaders are invited into the schools to speak about their personal journeys from school into their chosen careers.

This is a step towards building a bright future for our young people. Dream Big has gained support from over 100 Business’ from the local area and encompass’ Romaine Park, Havenview, Ridgley and Montello Primary Schools involving over 130 Grade 5 students.