ABOUT BURNIE WORKS » Burnie Works aims to build a new culture of working collectively to create change in our community.

What is Burnie Works?

Burnie Works is a collective impact framework designed to assist Burnie to address long term and entrenched issues in our community by working together.

Burnie Works is targeting the goals set by the community in the Making Burnie 2030 to make Burnie a caring, inclusive, smart, sustainable and vibrant place to live.

Burnie Works is made up of a central Local Enabling Group which connects a growing number of collective impact working groups and initiatives in the community.

The framework uses a constellation model with a distributive backbone support team from across the community, business, non-government and government sectors to undertake high level collaboration and break down barriers. Data and shared measurements are used to track our success and effectiveness in creating change.

In 2015 Burnie Works was named as the most promising early-stage collective impact initiative in Australia as the inaugural winner of The Search. The Search will provide support resources and funding to Burnie Works over the next three years.

What is Collective Impact?

Collective impact frameworks are a new method of working collectively to address complex problems. Collective impact developed in the US and Canada, successfully creating long-term and entrenched change in areas such as education, health and juvenile justice.

Collective impact requires a shift away from the traditionally model of funding individual short term programs for immediate impact. Whilst projects using a collective impact approach can produce short term impact, the focus is on long term change. A focus on long-term change acknowledges the inherent nature of complex problems; they require multiple, co-ordinated and collaborative solutions. Collective impact frameworks are built on five (5) core principles:

  • - A common agenda.
  • - Shared measurement systems.
  • - Mutually reinforcing activities.
  • - Continuous communication.
  • - Backbone support organisations.


The Stanford Social Innovation Review has a growing selection of articles on the topic of collective impact.